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Artklasa is a new creative center for business designed to bring together large companies, IT startups, production houses, creative agencies, design studios and a variety of talented teams in one place.

Emerging from undergoing renovation of the former factory Žitomlin's administrative building, Artklasa is located in the heart of the once-thriving neighborhood called the Dunavski kvart, which is now being reborn after decades of industrial past.

Not far from where the famous botanist and doctor Josif Pančić established Belgrade's first Botanical Garden planting medicinal herbs to share with the local citizens, new gardens are being replanted and the heavy machinery is once again making room for - the people.

Small deeds that planet needs!

Tenants at Artklasa will be encouraged to sort their waste into recyclable and non-recyclable categories, with clearly marked bins and instructions provided in common areas.

All waste, both communal and individual, will be taken to recycling facilities by registered operators.

The kernel of Artklasa

After a century of industrial use, one of the central city areas is returning to the urban core of Belgrade.

Once known as Theater Street that was spanning from the National Theatre building and Republic square, this area used to be connected to the rest of the city all the way to Terazije. Shortly after World War II, in place of the destroyed houses, the old Dunavski quarter gradually disappeared leaving room for the industrial zone within which, in 1955, the flour production factory - Žitomlin - was built.

Half a century later, the industry has moved to more logistically favorable locations, and the former grain silos, the largest urban landmark on the right bank of the Danube, have became the place of inspiration for artists and a year-round working cultural center with exhibitions, art-fairs, street food festivals and a coctail bar with one of the best sunset views in Belgrade.

New Dunavski quarter

With the Linear Park in place, Belgrade's center will reach the Danube.

Thanks to various undergoing projects, the area surrounding Artklasa is being developed as similar districts worldwide, such as NDSM in Amsterdam, Victoria & Alfred in Cape Town, and numerous others.

One of the generators of this transformation will be the Linear Park, modeled on New York's "High Line Park". Located along the railway line where freight trains used to go, the new promenade will stretch for 4,6km along the Danube's right bank.

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