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The biggest river in Europe.
Fresh air, greenery and birds.
Belgrade's new creative downtown.
At a walking distance from its old town.

Breathe deeper.

The trees in the area are already a habitat for birds that haven't been heard in the city for decades while the new tree plantings will invite even more of these joyful neighbors from the nearby Great War Island that is a home to 66 species that nest there.

A walk through an exhibition in the near-by Re-Creative center Silosi Beograd, or a well crafted cocktail in their summer bar at the waterfront, will refresh even the busiests of your days.

Oh, have we mentioned the sunset over the Danube?

Live better.

Parking. With the existing capacity, not only will you not think about the parking anymore, but your visitors will gladly accept to meet at your office.

Living. Today, the area around Artklasa is becoming one of the most sought-after in Belgrade, and the new residential projects such as Novi Dorćol, K-distrikt or Marina Dorćol, are all just five minutes away - by bike!

Live and work in the new center of the old Belgrade.

Fit for future

The proximity of the "Milan Gale Muškatirović" Sports Center with its swimming pools and Novak Djoković's tennis courts, along with a series of cycling and fitness trails from the developing Line park to the Danube's waterfront, positions Artklasa in the center of the future largest recreational sports area in Belgrade.

In the immediate vicinity of Artklasa, various projects in recreational sports are being developed, from the popular padel courts to a free climbing surface or even yoga classes that are regular in the nearby Re-Creative center Silosi.

Restaurant? Gastropark!

Developing next to Artklasa is Gastroшor, a whole new gastro-park with several restaurants already open and offering ever-changing menus both indoors and in their lush green gardens, ready for your next business lunch or a company dinner!

Restaurants and bars such as Insolita, Kolubara, Docker and Draft, are first to open with dozens more to join them in 2023! Together with wine, chocolatte and deli shops, all rounded up in a gastro-park, the first of its kind in Balkans, Gastroшor is emerging as the city's new hot spot.

Besides the spatious gardens, its generous promenade with large trees and gastronomy-themed foliage will occasionally serve as a place for open markets with local products.

The visitors of Gastroшor will enjoy the convenience of nearly 250 parking lots, while at the same time, the green areas will take up around a third of the total surface area.

Arts and nature

Right next to Artklasa is a complex of four monumental silos with a total of 64 chambers, and a height of as much as 28 meters. This special landmark of Belgrade got a new life thanks to the Gaia movement, a non-profit organization that develops programs in the fields of education, art, recreational sports, and environmental protection in Silosi Belgrade.

Recognized from the very opening as one of Belgrade's international symbols, Silosi is a place where the most visited exhibitions take place together with street food festivals, jazz concerts, art fairs, yoga classes, and even kids' education theatre plays.

In the close future, Silosi will be home to an interactive museum telling the five-millennium story of Belgrade, a free climbing area, while the existing Honey Garden with its apiary will become a large park just a step away from Artklasa.

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